Hairdressing Training


Basic Hair Up

Basic hair up techniques including- back combing, knots, twists, rolls and plaits, demonstration of 4 styles with allocated time for learners to practice) this session will be 3-4 hours depending on learners abilities and number of learners at each session.


Curly Blow Dry

Information and advice on products and tools required for this service, demonstration of the blow dry. Learners to practice concentrating on technique rather than speed) this session takes 2-3 hours depending on ability and number of learners attending the session.


Temporary Colour

Session will cover basic structure of the hair and were the individual colours sit within the structure. Discussion on what temporary colours are available and the benefits of using each type. Demonstration of a selection of temporary colours with an opportunity for learners to practice. ½ day course.



Refresher Course for basic cutting Techniques

Uniform layers, club cutting and graduation. 1 hour theory recapping theses 3 cutting techniques followed by discussion of the use of using multiple techniques for one style. Demonstration of each cut with allocated time for learners to practice these techniques) 1 day course.


Sew in Hair Extensions

Full consultation to ascertain appropriate length suitable for client, including colour match. We will cover positioning of the hair, braiding/demonstration and practice. Then focus on blending the hair extensions for a flawless look. 1 day course.


Bridal Hair Up

Consultation for a bride and bridesmaid, preparation of the hair ie blow dry/rollers/heated rollers/pin curls, tools and equipment available. Visual aids available to use, then learners to choose from the visual aids styles for demonstration. Tutor and learners to decide on step by step method to chunk the process for the learner to carry out the hair up with ease. 3-5 styles to be selected) this session is to run for 4-5 hours.



Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Full consultation to ascertain length, colour, amount of bonds required, demonstration of full application. Learners to practice the method shown. Demonstration of blending natural hair and extensions. Explanation of hair used, it’s benefits and qualities) this is a full day session.

£1198 ex VAT

Creative Hair Up

Firstly we will look at a variety of looks considered creative either for catwalk, photo shoot or music video. This session will cover styles that would not be worn in day to day life, using different types of padding and the use of hair extensions to enhance a style/hair up. Learners will be shown how to make a fascinator using synthetic hair) this session will run for a full day.